Free to set funny Latest Ringtones as your alarm clock ringtone

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Get ready because these funny alarm sounds and Latest Ringtones will make you get out of your bed!

You can set the alarm ringtone as the default ringtone, contact ringtone or notification ringtone.

Funny alarm sounds is a free application that includes some of the most downloaded funny loud alarm sounds and Latest Ringtones from the internet grouped together in one easy to use application.

These sounds are made for your alarm clock, but you can also set them as Latest Ringtones, or notification sounds for your email, SMS messages etc.


1, Real 3D surround sound effect;

2, Lots of Super Funny Latest Ringtones: More than 50 super funny Latest Ringtones free for you!

3, small size MP3 file with high quality sound effects;

4, Free to set funny Latest Ringtones as your alarm clock ringtone or SMS notification tone;

5, Update Monthly: More free super funny Latest Ringtones are waiting for you!

How to use

Open this free Latest Ringtones app, you can press “play” button to listen to MP3 music.

If you like one of the MP3 tracks, you can set it as your default ringtone, alarm clock ringtone or contacts ringtone.

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