How to set up ring back tones for free 2022

Many people like to use CRBT, so how to set CRBT for free? Let’s teach you how to use NetEase Cloud Music settings.

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When I changed 6s a year and a half ago, I liked Zhang Zhenyue’s “Missing is a disease” very much, and I wanted to set this song as a cell phone ringtone. But I don’t know that it is so troublesome to change the ringtone of Apple system, so I followed the Baidu tutorial and followed the steps step by step. The setting was completed smoothly, but I never changed the ringtone again. After more than a year, the ringtone of the mobile phone has not been changed, and of course the mobile phone has not been changed. I still like this song very much, but after my favorite song was set as an alarm, my brain hurts every time the phone rings. It hurts to be idle at work today, ready to change the ringtone again. I found that Apple’s itunes has been revised a lot. I think a lot of children’s shoes have the same questions as me. So, I posted a detailed step by step with screenshots. Haha, I am in a good mood today

1. Download itunes on the computer, connect the mobile phone to the computer with a data cable, and download it on Apple’s official website.

2 Open the itunes interface. Select music in the toolbar

3The third step, just drag in the music directly for convenience.

4Drag in the music that was previously downloaded <On the computer> directly.

5Select the music, right click-show introduction

6 After entering the display profile, adjust the length of the music in the options, generally 30~40s in length.

7Select the edited music, select the file-convert-create an AAC version.

8 Select the created AAC version, (the file with the same name below), right-click-display in the windows explorer

9. Then change the previous .m4a format to .m4r

10Drag the modified .M4R file into the itunes ringtone interface.

11 Click the pattern of <Phone> next to the <Ring> button in the upper left corner. After entering, click on the ringtone on the left-sync ringtone. Then select the ringtone!

Damn, my head has been confused by the screenshot~

………………………………………….. .end………………………………………… ……..2017.03.12

Today, I read so many replies. I was a little excited. There are many third-party software recommended by the gods in the comment area. If you are afraid of trouble, you can try it. What? ! Do you think it’s troublesome to read comments? ! That baby can’t help you either.

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Many people have already said the method of iTunes setting ringtones. I personally think that the method of iTunes is not too troublesome–

Here is a relatively simple method

1 Install the genuine PP assistant, and connect the iphone to the computer (if there is no iTunes on the computer, it will be installed automatically, and the iphone connected to the computer needs to be connected after the iTunes driver is installed)

PP assistant computer genuine download address

2 Find “Toolbox” on PP Assistant —– “Ringtone Making”

3 The next step is to select “Add Music File”, and then drag the play point and end point on the left and right sides of the progress bar to limit the time within 40S

4 After the setting is complete, select “Save Local”, and then “Import Device”

5 Next, you can go back to the “Settings” of your phone, and select the ringtone you just made in “Sound”.

Method of operation

  • 01Enter the NetEase Cloud Music APP interface and select the “musical note” symbol in the upper left corner.
    • 02Select “Local Music”.
      • 03Find the music you want to set the ringtone, and click the “three dots” on the right.
        • 04In the pop-up box, select “Set as ringtone”.
          • 05Wait for the system to prompt “Successfully set the ringtone” to complete the setting.

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